Junqdiva? What the heck is a Junqdiva?

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What is a Junqdiva? I’m glad you asked! It’s a term I started using to describe myself back in the late ninety’s–way back when the internet was just revving up to become the monster it is today. A time when everyone was looking for a catchy screen name that just might be a clue to the person it was attached to. I’ve always loved the exhilarating experience of turning trash to treasure. Curb shopping is one of my favorite past times…much better than window shopping any day of the week–not only is it free but you may go home with a soon-to-be-transformed treasure.

I’m also a packrat. I just can’t bear to throw anything away. I think it goes back to my pioneer ancestors. Every scrap of paper, every snippet of string or twine, every can, box, jar, rag and button was carefully saved to be used again another day.

I also love to organize my hoards and piles of stuff (junk if you ask my kids). I get just as much pleasure designing clever ways to organize it all as I do when I’m creating my “Re-Creations”. That’s what I call the art I make out of found objects.

So…if you love curb shopping, converting trash to treasure, packratting and organizing then you are just as much a Junqdiva as I am. Ain’t it Grand!!!!