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Always wondering what she will dream up today...

Always wondering what she will dream up today…

Started travelling the world when I was two weeks old. My daddy called me Krissie when I was young…so that’s what I like to go by. I learned so much from my parents and am grateful for the incredible life they gave me. To someone with an insatiable curiosity and unquenchable thirst for knowledge, the opportunities they afforded me were priceless. Every new place, every journey to get there and my mother’s favorite game of “Let’s Get Lost” as we explored our new surroundings on arrival; instilled in me joy, excitement and absolutely no fear as to what might lie around the next corner. All the chances to make new friends, try new things, taste new foods and collect an abundance of memories and memorabilia,  well, it all molded me into what I am in the here and now. Artist, writer, collector (packrat), organizer, poet, professional driver, daughter, sister, mommy, grussie, pibb and dreamer.

Every day is the start of a new adventure and I for one am always open to where it may take me.



aka junqdiva